About Sanraku

San Francisco food scene has come a long way. The city is not just known for the iconic Golden Gate Bridge but it is also known for cosmopolitan restaurants. One of the most common is Japanese cuisine. Sushi, sashimi, and ramen are found in every neighborhood.
SANRAKU is a hidden gem for a Japanese food lover in San Francisco, California. The city is where fresh wasabi is found and carefully pressed sushi rolls are abundant. Japanese food trend will not be slowing down especially this restaurant has a stellar menu. The chefs working for SANRAKU are trained in Japan. Every creation served by professional chefs will transport you to the land of the rising sun. It is no secret that Japanese restaurants are quite expensive. SANRAKU tries its best to serve authentic Japanese food at a reasonable price.
The goal of SANRAKU restaurant is to impress local Americans as well as local Japanese people. It starts from the menu down to the ingredients used. SANRAKU imports fish from local marketm Japan and other parts of the world.
SANRAKU is open to serve lunch and dinner. It is open for young, old, families, businessmen literally everyone. After eating at SANRAKU, we hope it makes you smile after a sumptuous meal.

Mission for Customer Service

Provide our guests with happiness and excitement, and create the best experience possible for them.