Sanraku Metreon

SANRAKU at the Metreon

Followed by the success of our first restaurant on sutter, we opened Sanraku Metreon in spring of 1999 in the SOMA district that has been gathering attention as an area where urban redevelopment is proceeding.

Through the glass interior, guests can enjoy a relaxing and joyful time overlooking the Yerba Buena Gardens, an urban oasis. The sushi bar is a charming unique feature of Sanraku Metreon for our customers, as they can savor the special menu prepared for that day while being engaged in lively conversations with our chefs. As another nice dining option, our patio is available for our guests during the summer season.

At Sanraku Metreon,  we offer a variety of menu, such as Nigiri-zushi (Sushi Nigiri), Maki-zushi (Sushi Roll), and Bento (Japanese box meal).

For over 20 years since its opening, Sanraku Metreon has been not only serving the authentic Japanese food that is appreciated by everyone but also continuing to deliver the genuine Japanese culinary art and culture to all over the world from the heart of leading edge city, San Francisco.

Address: 135 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (Ground Floor at Metreon)        Phone 415-369-6166 / Fax 415-369-6168

Open: Daily

Sunday – Thursday: LUNCH 11AM-4PM / DINNER 4PM-9PM
Friday – Saturday: LUNCH 11AM-4PM / DINNER 4PM-10PM